Survey side hustle from home and make real money!

by Mitchell Goodwin March 17, 2020

I want to have a chat about the real Aussie survey sites which I use and make real money.

Survey sites could be considered as one of the easiest side hustles out there, however they can also be hit and miss. In this blog I wanted to talk about how to profit from survey sites.

Now, survey sites are all about persistence. Some pay small amounts and others pay relatively large amounts but the more surveys you complete, the more opportunities the survey companies present you with to earn more money. Survey sites rely on active, contributing members to fill their quota. This means that the more reliable you are at accepting and completing their surveys, screeners and making sure your profile is up to date, the more likely they are to want to work with you. There are other factors at play and what you are offered is determined by the information found in your profile so always answer honestly and to the best of your ability.

Some survey's, for example, will be looking for renters so if you have a mortgage you will automatically screen out, however depending on the company, that does not necessarily mean that you won't get rewarded. It is good to note that you will screen out of more survey's than you will complete, however I refer back to the importance of persistence.

My list of reliable survey companies

I have compiled a list of my favourite reliable survey companies that I have used for many years, have cashed out into real money and gift cards and continue to use these sites daily. 

Octopus Group - click here

Octopus Group is an online survey community that gives you the highest return cash rate and sends multiple new surveys through weekly ranging from 50c - $50. Some surveys only take 5 minutes to complete, and higher paid take up to 25-30 minutes. They also offer a referral program so you can invite your friends and family and receive incentives as they complete surveys. They also have a referral program. Earn up to $20 per friend that joins up ($1 sign up bonus plus $1 per survey they complete up to 19 surveys) Minimum cash out amount is $20 and they offer instant redeemable e-gift cards delivered instantly to your email for immediate use or you can cash out directly to your bank account which takes 7-10 business days.

Click here to join Octopus Group!

Pure Profile - click here

Pure Profile is similar to Octopus Group offering Cash, Gift Cards, Movie Tickets, Online Payments and Discounts as incentive for completing their surveys. They have a user friendly interface and also offer an App. They offer rewards for your time so if you happen to screen out, you are still rewarded depending on how far you complete the survey before screening out. You can only cash out $70 every 60 days and will be paid within 30 business days. However, the option of Gift Cards are redeemed instantly to your inbox. You can redeem movie passes with Hoyts and these are instant as well. They also run competitions as incentive for keeping your profile up to date ( a few months ago I won a 12 month Netflix subscription!)

Click here to join Pure Profile!

Survey Village - click here

Survey Village is an online community open to all residents of Australia and New Zealand aged 16+. They offer rewards via e-gift card and minimum cash out amount is $20. The e-gift cards however are emailed to you within 12-14 business days and are not instant unlike other survey companies. I've used Survey Village for approximately 3 years now and I find them reliable with quick and easy to complete surveys.

Click here to join Survey Village!

AttaPoll - click here

AttaPoll is a London based survey company which is easily accessible via their easy to use app. For each survey you gain credits, and you have the ability to manage how many surveys you are presented with and the maximum amount of time you wish to allocate per survey. The best part of AttaPoll is you can cash out via paypal which you receive within an hour! The minimum cash out is 300 credits (amount varies depending on exchange rate due to being a London based company). They also offer a referral program which gives 50 credits per valid referral (3 completed surveys).

Click here to join AttaPoll!

Respondent - click here

Respondent is a New York based market research/survey platform. You apply to studies which you think you are a good fit for and the researcher will send invitations to those that are the best fit to the clients criteria. If you receive an invite you select a time that suits you to have an online discussion with the moderator usually conducted via skype on audio call unless specified. You are paid via paypal in USD which is great with the current exchange rate! You must be 18+ to join with Paypal and a Facebook page to link your profile to.
They also have a referral program where you will receive a USD$20 bonus once your referee has been paid USD$75 worth of incentive payments. 

Click here to join Respondent!


 Disclosure - Please bear in mind the links provided in this blog may contain affiliate links or referrals in which I may receive a small commission. The information and opinions above are solely mine and are real results from my time using these survey companies. 



Mitchell Goodwin
Mitchell Goodwin


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