A Culinary Lifesaver For Busy Families

by Mitchell Goodwin September 17, 2023

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EveryPlate Australia: A Culinary Lifesaver for Busy Families

In the craziness of daily life, especially for time poor families like mine, EveryPlate Australia isn't just a meal kit service—it's a game-changer. With four kids, ranging from 7 to 14, juggling school each with their own extracurricular activities, before you know it, it's 5:30pm and you have no idea what you're going to cook!
And that's where EveryPlate demonstrates its unmatched value. Let me show you how EveryPlate benefits not just any household, but specifically a dynamic family unit like ours.

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Catering to a Family of Six

The numbers are even more impactful when you realise the sheer volume of food a family of six consumes, and each meal works out at just $2.19 each!
The savings, both in terms of money and time, are so beneficial:

- EveryPlate First Box: $88.83
- Aldi's Equivalent Ingredients: $159.74
- Coles' Equivalent Ingredients: $181.95
- Woolworths' Equivalent Ingredients: $183.65

For large families, these numbers equate to significant savings over time, which can be redirected towards other family needs, never-ending bills or perhaps a well-deserved treat.

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EveryPlate Comparison

Freedom from the "What's for Dinner?" Dilemma

With EveryPlate, the ongoing question of "What's for dinner tonight?" is answered weeks in advance. With meals planned out and curated recipes at our fingertips, the daily guesswork disappears. This means:

- More Family Time: Instead of pondering meal options, we are sitting at the table early and discussing our day.

- Diverse Menu: The rotating menu ensures that even the pickiest eaters in our lot of picky teenagers find something to love.

Timely Delivery for a Time-Poor Family

Sunday delivery is a godsend. At the outset of a hectic week finished with sport on Saturdays, knowing that our meal ingredients are already sorted gives us a head start. With everything else we juggle, it's a relief to have one less chore to plan around.

Australia's Cheapest Meal Delivery Service

Alleviating Weekly Stress

As parents, our list of weekly worries is endless. EveryPlate, however, ensures that meals aren’t one of them. With pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes, even the culinary-challenged among us (raising my hand) can whip up delicious meals with leftovers for lunch the next day, or second helpings for the kids.

Quality and Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Beyond the convenience factor, as parents, we're always vigilant about what our kids consume. EveryPlate's commitment to fresh, high-quality ingredients means our family is fuelled by nutritious meals, vital for their growth and energy for those after-school activities.

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For families like ours, every tick on the checklist counts. EveryPlate Australia provides more than just a tick; it means we can provide nutritious, filling meals to our kids without cooking the same things week in week out.
With EveryPlate, we're not just feeding our family; we're de-stressing our lives, saving time and money and embracing the convenience.

Mitchell Goodwin
Mitchell Goodwin


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