Claim up to $125 back from your night out!

by Mitchell Goodwin October 04, 2022

With lockdowns and closures behind us, the Victorian Government have ramped up their funding to get people out and about, enjoying live performances, movies, dinners, museums etc.

The Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program is offering $125 cashback from your night out and it is so easy to claim!

We have recently had a small getaway in Melbourne for 5 days and can I tell you, the place is buzzing! The nightlife is back with incredible theatre shows, museum experiences and the amazing dining experiences Melbourne is so well known for.

We treated ourselves to 2 productions while we were in town, the incredible Harry Potter And The Cursed Child and the award winning Hamilton (which we planned to see in Sydney but just missed!).

Now for just 2 people, theatre tickets can get quite pricey, very quickly. Good tickets start around the $149.00ea mark, however if you are happy with restricted views or up the back they can be as low as $99.00 but you can find comfort in knowing that the way the theatres are designed, this does not impact the quality of the production.

We have written a blog recently about using TodayTix to snatch up cheap seats in ticket lotteries, which is exactly what we applied for to have a chance at winning both Harry Potter and Hamilton, unfortunately we were unsuccessful for both and we thought that was that. About an hour after the draw, we received a second chance email update for Hamilton. We were offered tickets at $75.00ea which we snapped up and claimed at the box office when we arrived for the show. The seats were great and retailed at $200.00 each!

Instantly we had saved $250.00 on our Hamilton tickets which we were very happy about.

Our Harry Potter tickets were a little more expensive at $215.00 each and this is where the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program came in great!

Even though we are not Victorian residents, the only requirements were our receipt and an Australian bank account so were able to claim 25% of our total purchase price meaning we received $107.50 back and the tickets were around $160.00 each for great seats.

Hamilton Cash Back


So What Do You Need To Know?

  • The program started on Monday 19th September and any purchase on or after that date will be accepted.
  • You can make purchases anywhere at anytime all over Victoria
  • All you need is a receipt and an Australian bank account
  • You can make multiple claims until you have reached your total of $125.00.
  • You can claim cash back on in-person events and experiences across Victoria. Eligible experiences include live performance, cinemas, museums, galleries, amusement parks, conferences, exhibitions and more.
  • The 25% cash back program is offered on a first come, first serve basis and will run until 16/12/22 or until the $25 million fund is exhausted.

To find out more about the Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program, Click Here.

Victorian Dining and Entertainment Program

Mitchell Goodwin
Mitchell Goodwin


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